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Contract Support

  • Flexible cost effective support solution.
  • Remote and on-site support.
  • Agreed service levels.

Key Points

The key points of our Contract Support package is :

  1. System Audit: Prior to entering into any agreement we will carry out an initial audit of your IT systems.

  2. Initial Recommendation: Upon completion of the audit we will recommend the number of hours per month that you will require to cover ongoing support of servers, infrastructure and end-user support.

    An up-front purchase of this number of credits by the customer will set the initial credit balance at the recommended level. Purchasing this number of credits will ensure that ALL LEVELS OF SERVICE are available to the customer at all times. *

    Customers can choose to purchase a smaller number of initial credits but will not receive the same service level guarantee. Customers also have the option to choose pay as you go support as an alternative.

  3. The delivery of Support services: As support is supplied to the customer we will deducted the hours from the customer’s account based on the type and response times of the support.

    Customers that have bought the recommended level of credits, can request all levels of service, regardless of whether their account goes overdrawn. *

    Customers that have bought a lower level of credits than that recommended will have the level of service available to them restricted when the balance of credits is negative. فیلم

    When the customer requires support, the customer is responsible for deciding the urgency of the problem and stating the response time required.

  4. On-going Support: On-going support is carried out to maintain your servers and infrastructure. This is charged against your account in the same manner as ad-hoc support calls.

    As with ad hoc support, customers that do not agree to the recommended On-gong support package will have the level of service available to them restricted when the balance of credits is negative.

  5. Monthly Invoice and Usage statement: Each month an invoice will be issued for the appropriate number of credits used in the prior month to return the account back to its initial balance.

    A report will also be provided with the invoice stating details of the support provided and the on-going maintenance work carried out.

    All of this information can also be accessed anytime via your web account

Contact Us

Fernden House
Chapel Lane
Stockton Heath

Tel: 01925 634407

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